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DriveShare member stories: On the hunt for hot rods

DriveShare’s member-submitted stories are the second-best way ­(number one is to list your car)­ for the car enthusiast community to share the passion for the vehicles they love and keep automotive history alive. Allow us to introduce Matthew Bange, a hot rod hunter and handyman with four years of professional hot rod shop experience under his belt. He loves anything with a motor but has a special place in his heart for prewar or post-1948 cars.

How do I find the best wedding car decorations for my classic car?

Picture it: There you are, standing in front of a church or a courthouse on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The newlyweds burst through the doors with huge grins on their faces, and their guests erupt into applause. The happy couple runs, hand in hand, to a beautiful classic car adorned with flowers, cans, crepe paper […]

Driving changes lives: A touring experience

The 1984 Porsche 911’s exhaust crackled with each downshift and then rumbled whirring echoes through the desolate woods as it accelerated up mountainous inclines. The North Carolina road was the perfect combination of elevations, bank variations and esses, and driving on such a road creates a memorable bonding experience between human and machine.