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The long-running Ford Mustang offers something for everyone. Do you like to drive with the top down? Step into a Mustang convertible. Looking for power on a budget? Opt for a Mustang GT. Want great looks without paying more insurance to own a V-8? The V-6 Mustang will still get you the “thumbs up.” Need big power? The Cobra Jet has you covered. Maybe you’re a collector looking for a serious street machine. If that’s the case, Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush or Steve Saleen might have just the car for you.

Want to drive before you buy, or just experience them all?  There are several Pony pedigrees available for rent on DriveShare. Here’s five to get you started:

Brian Harriman’s 1967 Ford Mustang

One of the most recognizable Mustangs ever built is the ‘67 Fastback. How could you not be a fan of the killer stance, louvers, and purely distinct body lines? “Elaine,” named by Brian as the sister of Elenore, had her powerplant swapped from a 390 engine to a tasteful 351 Windsor with a Holley four-barrel carburetor. A Hurst shifter precisely controls the C6 automatic transmission. This Aqua metallic beauty also features a roll bar, four-point harness, disc brakes, and a strut tower brace for that extra sense of security and stability. An upgraded suspension improves handling, which makes the ride much more enjoyable and ensures you’ll never forget the drive. You’ll have the car for the day, but the memories will last for a lifetime.

Steve Bishop’s 2005 Ford Mustang S-281SC

This 2005 Mustang is definitely hiding something under its body kit. The S-281SC designation is more than a jumble of meaningless numbers and letters:  It stands for Saleen 281-cid. Supercharged. The stock aluminum 4.6-liter V-8 in the GT with a five-speed manual produced 300 horsepower, which is still respectable, but the addition of the TwinScrew supercharger amps it up by 100 more ponies. The car sits on Saleen manufactured suspension and 20-inch alloy wheels. Special designed springs, shocks and roll bars reduce under and oversteer and ensure a tight steering response. After successfully maneuvering a series of winding corners on the asphalt, be sure to enjoy the supercharger’s whine as you exit the esses. This Mustang makes a statement wherever it travels.

Collector Car Vault’s 1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS

After Mustang sales began to rapidly decline, Ford knew that a marketing move had to be made. The result was the California Special, which was an appearance package that featured side stripes, badging, an integrated ducktail spoiler, quarter panel extensions, and side fiberglass scoops, which give it a Shelby demeanor. Instead of giving it the feeble straight-six engine, it rolled out of the factory equipped with a 302-cid. V-8. Less than 5,000 California Specials were built over a five-and-a-half-month period, which puts them on the wish lists of pony car collectors everywhere. You no longer have to dream while you aimlessly stare at the poster in your garage: This beauty is available for you to enjoy. With looks that kill and a drive that thrills, live the California dream in this California Special for the day.

Jeff Weiss’ 1969 Ford Mustang GT

Top down, check. Seat back, check. Not a worry in the world, check. Whether you’re cruising down a bustling main street or a desolate country back road, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of a convertible. This ‘69 GT packs a powerful 351-cid. Windsor V-8 and a three-speed automatic, which is a perfect combination for a relaxed weekend drive. Being the first year of this body style, it was stretched nearly four inches and gained a more aggressive design which was pertinent to its success. Additionally, the 1969 model was the first year to use quad round headlights that are oh-so-familiar to enthusiasts. Notably, you may have even this exact vehicle before since it has starred in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” with Drew Barrymore and “The Gong Show Movie” with Chuck Barris. Whether you want to spend the day as a celebrity or enjoy the ride with your loved one, this is the Mustang for you.

Sean Cox’s 1990 Ford Mustang LX

Over the years, the third-generation Mustang made its mark and is deserving of the spotlight. Whether an economical four-cylinder engine or a robust V-8 was desired, the Fox Body Mustang lineup had it. As time went on, the aftermarket commerce grew, and owners began to make their cars their own. Due to the car’s popular dimensions and potential for high-horsepower, many have been modified for racing. This 5.0 is reported to make 500-hp at the wheels. It sports a five-speed transmission, replica Cobra R brake calipers, and upgraded adjustable suspension. Fortunately, this low-mileage example prevailed, and now you have the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat.

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