When Karen Baker rented Kent Morris’ classic convertible from DriveShare for her father to drive on his 70th birthday, she wasn’t expecting his reaction. It resulted in one birthday celebration that was too good not to share.

The car was a beautiful, bold red and grey two-tone 1964 AMC Rambler American fitted with a matching leather interior, chrome wheels, and a sound system. Its V-8 engine sounded incredible as it exhaled through the dual exhaust. 

“I wanted to surprise my dad with a car that would transport him back in time, and Kent provided just that,” Karen exclaimed. “The car was amazing, and it made memories that will last a lifetime!”

Kent washed and fueled the car so it would be ready to roll first thing in the morning. Karen brought her husband with her to meet Kent, and then they drove the Rambler to meet her father before going breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

When Karen and her husband arrived, her father’s eyes instantly lit up. He became energetic and giddy like a kid who received a giant lollipop. In fact, he was so awestruck that he skipped his birthday breakfast to drive the Rambler around, waving to random admirers.

He gathered his five grandchildren and took them, in two runs, on their first convertible ride. The day was beautiful and bright, so he took full advantage and drove the Rambler to see old friends, hang out and enjoy his special day.

He loved everything about the car, from the smell to the feel to the sound; the entire experience rolled memories into his mind that he just had to share with Kent upon his return.

“When the entire Baker clan brought the car back to me, Karen’s father regaled us with stories of growing up in the area. He pointed out the old silk farm plantation that he drove to with his grandchildren and talked about how the generations of families in the area are tied together,” Kent said. “And that is why DriveShare exists: It’s a platform where vehicles can connect people to others, their past and their future. It’s a safe, secure venue for people of all stripes to experience the joys of life.”

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  1. Kent Morris says:

    Thank you for telling this story! Karen and her Dad were awesome to share the Rambler with and they made my day!

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