There’s a special feeling that comes from being present in someone’s wedding, even if you’re playing a small part. The atmosphere is light and cheery as family and friends reunite to celebrate a union between loved ones. It’s a monumental day that is reflected upon by all who witnessed it for years to come. 

Jeff Hoke is a classic car owner and enthusiast who has a soft spot in his heart for life’s special moments. Through DriveShare, he offers his brilliant blue 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air for use at weddings. He even provides a chauffeuring service.

“I notice that most people just keep these cars in their garage, but it’s way more fun to share them with the world as much as possible,” he beamed. “Seeing my car in wedding pictures and hearing about how much the families love it makes my day.”

The newlywed couple is without a doubt the center of attention, but the car will always be remembered as a highlight in one of the best times of their lives. Old and new memories and stories melt together at the sight of a nostalgic classic car.

Jeff reflected on a recent DriveShare rental transaction when he delivered the Bel Air to a wedding located in the Texas countryside; “When I picked up the car, it was sitting center stage on a beautiful property with old barns and well-kept ranch houses. Some people were still taking pictures in front of the car and telling stories, while others were playing yard games and having fun at the reception. It was a great boost to see everyone enjoying the car, and it put me in a great mood for the rest of the weekend. I had an awesome drive home!”

DriveShare is a great way to share our passion for classic cars with a wider audience and keep the interest growing,” Jeff explained. “Every time someone uses your classic, hundreds of people see it, talk about it, and maybe dream about having one of their own. It’s the best way to keep this hobby going into the future so we can all enjoy it for generations to come.”

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