Dean Wehr rented a 1984 Porsche 911 for his wife, Patricia, on her 55th birthday, and he said it was one of her best gifts ever. “She used to drive one in her early 20s, and it has been her dream car for the past 40 years. I wanted to give her the chance to drive one again.”

Dean found the car on DriveShare.com and made arrangements in advance with the vehicle’s owner, Peter Zawadzki. He told us that it was a fantastic experience overall; “Peter was a pleasure to work with. He made the rental easy and made sure we were comfortable with everything before we took the car on the road. He and Cody Sapp from the DriveShare team helped to pull off the surprise.”

Peter Zawadzki’s 1984 Porsche 911

The couple lives in Pennsylvania, but Dean took Patricia to the quaint and beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the car resides. Little did she know; Dean planned the whole trip around the ultimate surprise — an incredible driving experience.

Dean and Patrica always loved this generation’s body style, and Peter’s car is an excellent example of a well-cared for Porsche that loves to be driven. Dean reported that the car ran perfectly and was in great shape.  “The car was amazing to drive,” Patricia said. “I will never forget that day.”

Patricia meets Peter’s Porsche 911

“It is just one of those cars that catches everyone’s eyes,” Dean expressed.

Does it sound like love? If you are thinking “yes,” then you are right. Just a couple weeks after enjoying the rental, the couple purchased their very first collector car, a mirror image of Peter’s Porsche, a 1984 Carrera 911 coupe. It was Patricia’s lifelong dream come true.

Dean and Patrica with their ’84 Porsche 911

 “Before the rental, we weren’t exactly planning on buying a car, but I knew getting behind the wheel again and having that experience may trigger the urge to buy one, and it did,” Dean beamed. “Renting Peter’s car brought back a lot of memories for my wife and me, and we just felt it was the right time to have one of our own.”

The couple has no regrets about their decision to purchase a classic car. “Other than the fact we can’t drive it as much as we’d like, we love everything. It is not mint condition and needs some loving and fixing, but we can work on it over time. Mechanically, it runs very well, and we are having a great time driving it.”

Dean and Patricia are now Hagerty Driver’s Club Members and have their Porsche insured by Hagerty. Click here to read about all the benefits that they enjoy by being a part of the club.

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