The holidays are upon us and it’s time to clue relatives in to what our fuel-pumping hearts desire, or perhaps you are seeking a useful item for a car guy or gal who seems to have everything they need. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten gifts that will rev anyone’s engine.

Protect the four-wheeled family member

California Car Covers makes the highest quality car covers, hands down. Corners are never cut when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. You get what you pay for; prices start at $190.99 for an outdoor all-weather custom cover.

Moving made easy

Eastwood hydraulic wheel dollies are great for the multi-vehicle owner, or for those who store their cars for the winter. It’s also great for anyone with limited storage space and a need to move vehicles around on a regular basis. A pair can be purchased for $199.99 on Jegs.com, but if two pairs are bought, that will get all four wheels off the ground.

The tire saver

Flatstoppers car storage ramps are the best solution for preventing flat spots in tires on cars that are in seasonal or long-term storage, or vehicles that are parked on hot pavement. These ramps have saved thousands of tires worldwide, which also has saved many a pocketbook.

Make it shine

Griots Garage has car care kits for every need. The starter care kit for $69.99 is perfect for someone who needs a refill on all the basics, and the BOSS foaming system starter kit adds to the fun.

Troubleshooting on the go

The BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scanner was developed by licensed and certified professional Apple and Android Engineers. Its ease of use is similar to a code reader, but it has all the capabilities of an expensive handheld scan tool, plus the benefits of using it with a smartphone or tablet.  Considering the free app updates, portability, data storage, and troubleshooting capabilities, $99.95 is a small price to pay.

Save the day

The Aickar 800A compact jump starter can start any gas engine or up to 4.5-liter diesel engines up to 30 times on a single charge. It reaches a 1,000-amp peak current and doubles as a power bank for a smartphone, all for $69.99.

Let there be light

An under-hood work light is handy for late night tinkering. This example sold by Summit Racing isn’t just for clamping across the hood; it easily props up on pavement for working under the car or clamps to shelving over a workbench. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so there are no restrictions unlike similar corded units.

A lifestyle gift collection

The Shop by Hagerty is an online store specializing in wearable gear handy gadgets designed for the automotive enthusiast. Check out their new holiday collection.  

Wear your dream car

Fordite jewelry is something that every car gal should add to her wardrobe, and every piece of Fordite is unique and special, just like her.  Find a piece made of paint from her dream car or seek out a pendant with the most eye-catching color combinations.

The gift of go

Or, you could forget all the clutter and give them an experience of a lifetime with a DriveShare gift card, so they can rent a rare, fun-to-drive vehicle. Even if your loved one already owns a dream car, there are always more dream cars waiting to be enjoyed. Give the gift of go.

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