Hagerty launched DriveShare with two things in mind. First, to unlock the joy of fun and cool cars by connecting car owners with renters, and second, to fuel the future of the hobby by making the collector vehicles we love accessible to other enthusiasts who may not have the means to own one.

We are proud to say that 2019 was our best year yet. The following testimonials we received from our members last year prove that experiencing a piece of automotive history leads to unforgettable moments and countless smiles per mile:

“What a great couple and awesome venue out in Texas’ rolling countryside with horses, trees and huge beautiful sunset views. I got to meet Matt’s father and even snapped a pic of the lovely bride and groom as they stole a kiss before getting in the car after the ceremony. Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Petrie! It was so nice for me to be part of your special day.”
– Jeff Hoke, Vehicle Owner

“Lewis, Bobbie, and their grandson were a pleasure to share a ride with through the Leelanau Peninsula. We drove to the Cedar Tavern and much of the Sand Dunes National Lakeshore by traveling the backroads Lewis was familiar with from his years with the County Road Commission. Thanks for showing me some the most scenic roads in our area.”
– Todd Wilson, Vehicle Owner

“The car itself is flawless. Just looking at it in person was a gift in itself, but to then drive this impeccable piece of machinery through beautiful canyon roads was unforgettable. Its perfection provided the ultimate visceral experience, which was then amplified by its owner, Peter. He helped curate this surprise drive for my boyfriend’s birthday and was kind enough to also show us around his garage while we gushed over his pristine collection. Thank you for a day we will never forget!”
– Victoria Bruno, Vehicle Renter

“Such a fun photo shoot! I can’t say enough great things about the producer, camera crew and all other people involved! Their enthusiasm, respect and love for my beetle was very much appreciated. We hope to work with this crew again one day.”
– Lela Strysky, Vehicle Owner

“We had a great shoot with Briana and her fiancé Mike. Weather was great and we shot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Briana was easy to work with, and communicated regularly. Both were very respectful about what could and shouldn’t be done with the car.”
-George Leonard, Vehicle Owner

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