The Ford Mustang is as iconic as it is fun to drive. Rumbling down the avenue in a classic Chevrolet Corvette is many a car nut’s exemplification of the American dream. The timeless Porsche engineered the timeless 911 sports car to dominate twisting roads, and the Volkswagen Beetle captured the hearts of millions. It’s no surprise that the below vehicles were the most frequently listed collector cars on DriveShare over the last year.

Ford Mustang

The long-running Ford Mustang offers something for everyone. Do you like to drive with the top down? Step into a Mustang convertible. Looking for power on a budget? Opt for a Mustang GT. Want great looks without paying more to own a V-8? The V-6 Mustang will still get you the “thumbs up” you crave. Need big power? The Cobra Jet has you covered, or maybe you’re a collector looking for a serious street machine. If that’s the case, Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush or Steve Saleen might have just the Mustang for you. Want to drive before you buy, or even experience them all? There are several Pony pedigrees available for rent on DriveShare.

Chevrolet Corvette

Owning and driving a Corvette is like fulfilling a dream – the “American dream”. Its angled lines give it a look of muscular sleekness that makes any driver who’s lucky enough to sit behind the wheel look good. The Corvette delivers the thrill we expect from a factory high-powered sports car. Since the model’s release in 1953, it has made countless memorable experiences for many drivers, and now you can create your own memories by driving your dream Vette.

Porsche 911

Overall, the classic 911 is an iconic, timeless sports car engineered for high-performance. Its rear-engine placement makes near 50/50 weight distribution possible, which fills your face with the biggest grin it can muster. To this day, the Porsche 911 marque is one of the best-driving cars ever made, and now you have the chance to experience all the feels.

Volkswagen Beetle

It’s “The People’s Car,” one of the most influential and significant vehicles to be built within the last century. Though its earliest years were a bit gloomy, it prevailed and rose from the ashes of WWII to become one of the most recognizable cars ever built. Most recognized from The Love Bug movie released in 1969, Herbie the Beetle captured the millions of people’s hearts worldwide. Volkswagen took a unique but memorable approach to the marque’s advertising with slogans like “Think Small,” “Ugly is only skin-deep,” “It makes your house look bigger,” “It’s ugly, but it gets you there,” and “Live below your means.” The fanbase went wild. Even though the company cut off the Beetle’s production in 2019, you can still experience the greatest automotive cultural icon of the past century.

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger was the last one to join the muscle car madness in 1970, right as the market took a downward turn. Because of this, Dodge had to make up for lost time by not only matching the convenience options that its competitors offered, but also by providing customers no less than eight engine option choices, including the famous Hemi. Today, the car is still challenging the competition, but if you want to experience one of the classics, cruise over to DriveShare.

Are you the proud owner of one of the popular vehicles listed above? Share the passion and make a little cash on the side by listing it for driving, chauffeur, or event rentals on DriveShare.

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