Written by Cody Sapp

Take a tour of odd and rare cars from all over the United States, including a Polish fire truck, a priceless Porsche Beck 550, and a concept car from the space age. DriveShare is the only place where you can find these ten oddities all on one website, and yes, you could rent them, too.

1983 Ferrari Mondial QV Coupe

The essence of the 80s lives through this Ferrari, maybe more than any other vehicle from that period. Featuring louvers on louvers and pop up headlights, what more could one ask for? Well, that’s just the beginning. The power is derived from a mid-engine 3.0L V-8 mated to a five-speed transmission with a gated shifter. This also happens to be a QV(Quattrovalvole) meaning it’s been blessed with four valves per cylinder as opposed to the previous engine having only two valves, resulting in a noticeable power increase.

1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

Auburn. A name associated with elegance and streamlined body work. The Boattail Speedster can be credited for the back-end styling of many different vehicles, most notably the 1963-‘67 Corvette and the ‘71-’73 Riviera. This replica happens to be built on a Ford LTD chassis which is said to provide a more reliable and safer driving experience while maintaining the gorgeous architecture of the original Auburn 852.

1955 Porsche Beck 550

The Beck 550 Spyder contains all the right elements to provide a memorable experience. While an original version of the Porsche can fetch upwards of $6 million, this is your chance to get your hands on the next best thing. Powered by a rear mounted, air-cooled Volkswagen engine, the sound and feel is much like the real thing.

1954 Dodge M37

Dodge’s M37 was a ¾ ton 4×4 truck that was used by the United States military, primarily during the Korean War. From 1951 to 1954, about 63,000 where built in total, but they are not a common sight on the roads today. The factory L head, inline-six produced a whole 78-hp, but keep in mind it was not build for speed and came with a low gear ratio to make it easier to haul ammunition and heavy equipment needed for war.

1981 Mercedes-Benz Fire Truck

Nicknamed “Gus the Fire Bus”, this may be the most unique fire truck on the road. Gus is a decommissioned Mercedes-Benz T2 Polish Fire Truck with a diesel engine and a five-speed transmission. It’s seats six passengers and features an interesting option of three roll-up doors, one on each side and one in the rear. It’s also equipped with all the lights and decals as it would while in service.

1987 Ohio State Patrol Car

Late into the third generation of the Caprice, the 1987 model was released. The three body styles that were available were a coupe, sedan and a wagon as well as eight different engine choices. This Caprice happens to be optioned out with the 9C1 Police Package. From the factory, they came equipped with a 262 or the more desirable 350 small-block V-8 with a four-barrel carb which made 180-hp. When tested against competitors such as Dodge, Plymouth, and Ford, Chevrolet beat them in nearly every category. This Ohio State Highway Patrol unit has been fully restored back to its original glory and is ready to hit the road once again.

1972 Oldsmobile Ambulance

Most vehicles don’t usually have drapery, but this is one exception. This 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight has been treated to a Cotner-Bevington hearse/ambulance conversion. Though this model wasn’t available in a wagon at the time, the modifications resulted in a swing out rear door, higher roofline and longer back, making it easier to work in or load patients into.

1965 Citroen 2CV

The Citroen 2CV or as the French call it “deux chevaux” was built for over 40 years, and in that time it stayed very much the same. Originally produced to be affordable and low maintenance, the 2CV is a unique addition to any collection. Featuring an air-cooled engine, a rollback roof, and incredibly long suspension travel, it had all the right features at the right price. Just like Volkswagen though, Citroen also fell on hard times during WWII as their factory was in France, but thanks to the 2CV the company was able to bounce back from the war.

1924 Hispano Suiza Tulip Roadster

French World War I pilot Andre Dubonnet was came from a family of wealthy wine makers and was looking for some excitement after returning home from battle. He chose to pursue a career of racing, but first he needed a car. He approached the Hispano-Suiza company to provide him with an engine and chassis and then went to an aviation company to build him a lightweight plane-like body. The shell consisted of various types of wood, but what you see on the exterior are strips of Tulip wood secured to the body using thousands of brass rivets. It went on to be raced by Dubonnet for many years and while the original vehicle is on display at a museum, this replica is said to be one of only two ever built so this ride could very much be a once in a lifetime experience.

1960 Ford Spaceliner

The phrase “one-of-a-kind” is used so often that it barely holds any substance, but this ride is an exception. This 1960 Ford Spaceliner is a one-off concept that will never go un-noticed. The top consists of duel bubbles that are hinged from the rear and opens as a clamshell does. At the rear of the car you will find ten bullet taillights and a center “jet thruster” for added effect. With its vibrant paint job and futuristic styling, you’ll be the talk of the town after being seen in this ride.  

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